Conformity versus Courage

I realize that conformity isn’t always the opposite of courage but in my week, it seems that the barrier to achieving as yet unimagined solutions is the unwillingness to break free from the ‘we have always done it this way’ modus operandi.

Our political leaders play silly games, posturing and placating for votes all the while supporting a system that doesn’t serve the vast majority of us very well. They know that their contribution to our well being is minimal and unbelievably expensive but don’t have the fortitude to step up and step out of the muck. They pile manure around themselves so we don’t recognize the real stink – our system is broken. We need leadership not polling to make a break. If I had one piece of advice for presidents, prime ministers, governors, premiers, legislators, mayors and other officials it would be ” stop worrying about getting re-elected and do the right thing.”

Lack of courage isn’t the sole domain of politicians. We are all complicit in willful blindness to the side effects of the status quo in our lives and our communities and most often don’t say something or take some action that will seed a change. Most times we  are concerned with convenience and popularity rather than being courageous.

Wherever you live, whoever you are you are part of today’s possibilities. In this time, in this place, with these people we should expect miracles and yet we accept mediocrity.

Break a Mold, Today,



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