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The Things that Shouldn’t Bug Me

My list of things that bug me is much smaller than it use to be. But I realize that there are still many things on the list that I have no control over. Things that I should be agnostic about. Things that I shouldn’t let bother me.

I wrote about the weather about a year ago and that the happiest people seem to be the ones that say “it is what it is” and proceed with their day regardless of rain, sun, or temperature. They run in the rain, walk in the cold, and sit on patios in all weather. Their mood is the same; positive whatever the conditions. I have noticed that their consistent mood is cheery. Those who are constantly gloomy tend to let everything bug them. I admit I am a fair weather guy. I don’t like running in the rain. I don’t like being cold. When the weather interrupts my plans (even though I usually could still do them with a change of clothes and heart) I am bugged. My perfect weather band seems to be very narrow because when the temperature rises to +30/86 the heat can make me miserable.


I just came off a stint of ‘biting off more than I could  chew’ so I am only going to tackle this one irritant and take lessons from my weather agnostics to learn to accept the weather with my chin up and purpose in place. So even if it doesn’t stop raining (damnit) I will head out for a 6 k loop in the park.


Make Today Remarkable, by letting fewer things bug you,


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