The Roots of Our Desires

We all have desires; things that we feel would change everything and make our lives so much better. I contend that there are no silver bullets, no magic elixirs, no easy fixes. Fulfillment requires effort. Meaning needs to be made. Satisfaction must be tested.

But what if we could re-evaluate our priorities and slowly refocus them towards sharing rather than getting? The measure of our life as it ends is more about how we were rather than who we were.

As you get comfortable writing about this personal stuff, you may see a window open in your head that reveals the source of your desires. ” Why am I focused on getting more?, Is it because of some childhood experience of loss or growing up in a home where love was demonstrated with gifts?”  Take 5 minutes and list 10 things that you desire. Take a breath and begin writing  sentences that begin with ” I desire (something from the list) because …” and then ask “why is that important?” at least three times.

For example – I desire a new care because I want reliable transportation

This is important because I need to get to work on time.

This is important because being late will cause me stress and my boss might be angry

This is important because being late is bad

If your sentences delves deep enough you could discover a parent or guardian saying “no one likes someone who isn’t on time”

Take some time over the weekend to examine the source of the 10 deires you wrote down and delve deep into the why is that important.

Monday we will begin looking at how we can reorder and remeasure what is important.

Make This Weekend Remarkable,



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