Fulfillment versus Entitlement

Day 4 Towards Fulfillment

To reiterate; there isn’t a silver bullet but there is a silver lining. Earning fulfillment requires reflection, observation, commitment and action. All these can be difficult but in the difficulty lies the sense of accomplishment.

There is an old story about an accomplished bank robber who never got caught. He died and awoke to meet an angel. The robber said ” this is amazing, a beautiful place, great weather, good food, everything I want”. The angel said “Enjoy”. After a few months the robber became anxious because everything was just a request away. He met with the angel and said ” I want to rob a bank”. The angel said ” where, when, how much money and we can make it happen. You will just walk in and take the cash.” The robber said, “I want to take weeks planning, and tackling the alarms, and figuring out the timing and planning my escape. I want there to be risk and reward.” The angel said ” That’s not how it works here” The robber replied ” I expected more from heaven”. ” Who said this is heaven” replied the Angel.

Reward doesn’t feel like reward unless we put the effort into accomplishing it. The sense of fulfillment is temporary and turns quickly to entitlement.

What is your greatest accomplishment? Take a few minutes and reflect on what you are most proud of; work, relationships, childhood, sports …Observe how much effort and commitment you invested in achieving the goal.

You can take on a new challenge with the same zeal, effort and persistence if it aligns with your values. What is the one thing that you need to do (big or smaller) that is really important to YOU. Are you ready to make a commitment?


Make Today Remarkable, by commiting to the risk,


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