Check for Patterns

Towards Fulfillment 5

When I a feeling dissatisfied, anxious, troubled it is most often that I am comfortably in a rut. I view the world from the same perspective, doing the same things and somehow expect that things will change.  I don’t question, I don’t reflect, I do get angry and frustrated.

Yehuda Berg suggests these steps when our view or patterns are blocking us from moving forward.

ASK ” What am I doing? Is this really how I want to be acting/thinking?

Celebrate that you recognized there is a problem and that patterns and perspective need adjusting.

ASK ” what else can I do? say? How could I do this differently? What are my options?

Repair and correct your limitations and blind spots.

Recognize that you are part of a jigsaw puzzle and your piece contributes but doesn’t complete the picture.

Continue to observe and challenge your limited view and invite wisdom and perspective into your life.

I hope you try these steps for the next few days and watch how you are feeling.




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