Rules Rock or Rules Suck

Are you an original? Do you see progress in bucking the trends or following the rules and legitimizing the status quo? How do you feel about rules? Do you make yourself fit or do you make the rules fit you? If you believe in conformity, it is likely you thought that last question was ridiculous. You only see rules bending you . You only imagine that you would conform to the role rather than making the job work for you.
The tendency you choose isn’t immutable. But it is easy to stick with the ways we have become accustom to. Whether you are a rule follower or rule breaker, it is possible and difficult to change.

Neither approach is a guarantee to fulfillment but in today’s changing world it is an easier row to hoe if you are adaptable, flexible and able to function in ambiguity. Roles and rules change and workplace dynamics shift weekly so for those who can figure out how to manage the autonomy and still rater high on performance, they will appear more productive. The ability to adapt can serve as a path tp becoming better at each task more quickly than someone with equal skills who is perfect at following the script and fitting the models with their pieces in a prescribed order.

Some work needs the rigor to replicate exactly what you did the last cycle, whether that is 30 seconds ago or 30 days ago. The sheer number of repetitions can lead to mastery in rote and repetitive assignments. If you are called to follow legal or codes you probably would do poorly if you are an adapter. You wouldn’t want your accountant or electrician playing fast and loose with codes and practices. But a social worker, an urban planner, a storyteller all might better serve their public and themselves by allowing the inventiveness of very civil disobedience to be her guide.

You can find fulfillment doing what you have been called to do ( your purpose) by taking either approach. Maybe it makes sense to do that which offers you and your circumstances the joy.


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