Blind Alleys

As we constantly reinvent ourselves, our surroundings and our mission we can find ourselves off course. The problem is that we aren’t aware when we enter a blind alley that is going to lead to a disappointing destination. Does that mean that we should stand still and wait for the world to change around us? To the contrary, I would suggest that we head down alleys expecting them to lead to unimagined opportunities but as we feel the walls closing in, we should reboot and take another path. There may be a treasure hidden down the lane but if the risk of a dead end is great then mitigate it and check out an adjacent road.

I am impatient by nature so that advice is in the category (that I have lots of advice in) of ” Easy to Say, Harder to Do”. I don’t always exhibit the discretion and subtlety to recognize I am in a dark rut and my stubbornness filters obvious signs that I should see.

As you are in the world today and over the coming tomorrows, ask yourself ” Am I down a blind alley and how much longer am I going to push and when should I admit my folly and reboot in a slightly different direction.

Make Today Remarkable, by rebooting when necessary,



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