Why Wouldn’t We Try?

Five minutes, five ideas, five hours…. What if we took a moment (5 actually) and came up with five ideas that could change our situation, our relationships, our community and then spent a longer time ( five hours) figuring out if any or all were feasible (wildly and widely useful) and viable ( remarkably challenging but remarkably doable)? What could arise? An as yet unimagined solution? A new challenge? An innovative insight?

Are you interested? Would you be up to trying a Blab and inviting 3 others to join the experiment? Could Blab or some other online video platform be a venue for generative discussion? If I scheduled something, would you join in? Would you come with a problem to solve and allow the laboratory to test and observe and offer a conclusion?

If you are open to the idea, leave a comment here or send an email to bob@remarkablepeople.ca with your coordinates.


Make Today Remarkable, for the person sitting beside you right now,


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