Self Improvement


Progress isn’t solely defined by the ending. It is also about each step in the journey. Each day means another 24 hours have passed and if I miss the experience because I am waiting for some arbitrary period to pass – 168 hours, a month, a year, a decade I never get it back. If I choose to celebrate the moments or at least be aware that they are with me and that in each one there could be some magic then my life will be truly lived. Each second is fleeting and I can’t desperately strive to recognize the importance of each but I can set my heart to a different setting that is sensitive to my surroundings and my interactions. Rather than living through time towards the net appointment, the next vacation, the next birthday I can choose to live in time; to be globally present with myself, the world around me and the people beside me. I know people who are very good at being present and I always feel that they respect me. Does that mean that if I am living for the next minute that they feel I am disrespecting them. My beloved sees things when we walk together that I totally miss because I am focused on getting where we are going. She always gets there too but enjoys the surroundings and the pace much more than me.

How do I begin being more present? It would seem that by choosing to be here, now and then choosing again and again would be a start. If I set out today with a talisman; a reminder on my wrist, to be present now and every time I feel it or touch it that I focus on that intention I might have a chance of holding myself still enough to embrace the here and now.


Make Today Remarkable  by making each moment remarkable,


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