New Beginnings


Can you change your future by changing your mood? Will today be different if you are? Can you being different make a difference for others? Yes, yes, yes.
Every day I waken with an array of choices. The one I try make before my feet hit the floor is ” Will I choose to be hopeful or dismal today?” I have never chosen dismal so I begin each morning with hope and I undertake to do things that foster hope throughout the day. I admit that there are times when my persistence to positive is challenged and my resolve falters but that doesn’t mean that I can’t restart again tomorrow.
I can scientifically assert that my day is different when I opt for hope because I haven’t intentionally picked dismay so there isn’t a double blind test but my intuition knows that the path would be different if I was gloomy and pessimistic. My intentions and motivation would be altered if I didn’t have a Kickstart of Aspiration o begin my morning. My mood inspires others (for a moment or for the day) to smile, laugh, lift their chin, cheer a friend and act expecting better simply because of the encounter.

I strive to thrive in the hope and some days I rest my head fully embedded in expectation and celebration. Some days I make it through my emails and begin to feel the tide slipping away. If I practice mindfulness I can make a different choice – not to allow others the power to alter my disposition. I own how I react and can use that power to expect and anticipate joy from the next conversation. I am a realist and don’t always succeed and don’t let the positivist turn to passivity or view everything through rose glasses but in the moment I can catch myself and seek to address issues, concerns and complaints in a better way.


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