Self Improvement

Life’s Delays

What do do if the best laid plans are delayed? If you are at the airport expecting to depart at 1:00 and discover that you can’t leave until 4:15 do you feel anxious, angry, or adaptable? What if you expect a colleague to meet you for a business meeting but she doesn’t show up or she is 40 minutes late. Do you resent the waste of time or make the time valuable? Do you expect an explanation or apology? The best laid plans of mice and men are oft to go awry ~ according to Bill S and many other writers and philosophers.

I carry an ereader, have Kindle on my smart phone and most often have reading and writing that I can do if the timing changes or if I get dissed. It is easier for me to make the best of situations now that wifi is available for free almost everywhere I travel. I am sitting in YYC airport logged on to terminal wide free service with amazingly great connection. I am able to listen to an Audible title that I was saving for the flight. I am not sure if the delay will actually happen. There is still a chance that we will leave at the appointed time but it got me thinking about what frustrations I feel around schedule changes and unmet expectations.

I seem to be okay with the current situation. I am not so good with delays to projects that are caused by others missing deadlines or neglecting to meet obligations. In the realm of work and social change, everything feels like a delay. I tend to get impatient with inaction and incomplete accomplishments. If I say that I will submit a document or report before the end of the day – it is in your box before 5pm. By meeting the commitment I then imagine that you will read and comment before noon the next day. Often it seems that it takes 48 to 168 hours fro a response and occasionally I need to prompt and provoke feedback. I see the lack of response as disrespect (I know it might not be personal but I take most things personally). My response isn’t about productivity or high standards. It is about manners and recognizing that every action or inaction I take has consequences and impacts people connected to me and people I don’t even know.

Sitting waiting for a boarding announcement, I am calm. Writing about disrespect and consequences is making my heart race and I am feeling a mood change so I will stop here with the opening question – What do do if the best laid plans are delayed?

Make Today Remarkable, by making the best of every delay,


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