Heart before Head

“The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of… We know the truth not only by the reason, but by the heart.” – Blaise Pascal


I always suggest that we work 80% of the time in the areas where we are strongest and if possible spend less than 20% of our time on weaknesses. As adults we have endured the rigor of a generalist education where we were supposed to work on weaknesses and improve overall. Now we can celebrate that we have gifts and tendencies and that others on our team are strong in other areas.

What if we would be better off if we acknowledged that some/most decisions are best reasoned by our hearts? What if the strength we are ignoring is the reasoning of our heart?

I find that I often make the best choices when my head opens just enough to give permission for my heart to step forward and decide. Relationships, philanthropy, community, mission, purpose, and hope are better served from the soul. In the end, at the end, the decisions about investments and spending and politics will seem trivial. Whether you leave $1 Million or $1 should be of little consequence for your legacy if you have focused on relationships. If inheritance is what the people in your life are waiting for, you will likely be forgotten very quickly. How you voted in a national election (which seems to be important today) means very little in the big picture. The stuff of our head is important in the moment but fades  against age and time.

I am trusting my humanity and compassion as a guide to the important choices and only when necessary will I let my flawed intellect overrule.

Make Today Remarkable, by opening your heart,




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