Original Thought


Freedom only exists where it is exercised and tested. If we have the right to free speech but everyone drones on in the same acceptable predictable patter then freedom doesn’t really exists. If we can own property and make use of it for our enjoyment but ‘architectural controls’ limit what shade of taupe it needs to be painted, and no one complains, we are all prisoners of conformity. Conformity is the opposite of courage and is the fourth c that is killing us individually, destroying our imagination and separartin g us from each other. Conformity, convenience, comfort and certainty ensure that we are less, are becoming less and will become worthless.

Liberty exists when we push its edges. If I challenge my willingness to make disruptive decisions and cause some personal discomfort and retreat into status quo because of an innate fear or fear of fear, was I ever liberated?

If I can opt to be of service but act in service of myself, that is a choice I get to make and you can judge my decision. But if I am constantly acting selfishly and avoiding inconvenience how do I know what I am choosing? If I am only exposed to things that I already believe am I learning or avoiding? If I ‘know’ what the answer is, do I have need for questions? If I have no need, is it a social construct, a constructed non choice or a reality? If I am free to choose but always choose the norm …

I am free to write what I am thinking about and you are free to read(or not) what resonates or challenges.


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