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Being Remarkable

Given the choice and the opportunity to be remarkable, what else would you do? Being remarkable means a lot of things.


First – remarkable people use their strengths to strengthen others. In all situations they add value to the people, the conversation and the action in front of them.

Second – remarkable people create remarkable things. They do the best under the circumstances without being burdened by perfection. Imperfection is the spark that leaves space for innovation and inspiration. By beginning the creation, they set the bar and direction without drawing a hard circle around the destination.

Third – remarkable people know that they are capable and that everyone else brings skills, talents and gifts to the party. While they demand dissent, they do it respectfully. They strive to encourage or provoke others to contribute and keeps the ideas flowing by using a yes and approach. ” Yes that will work and we could …”

Fourth – remarkable people take care of their health. They are aware of their mortality and frailty but acknowledgement is a challenge rather than acceptance. They are food aware and while not anal about nutrition, they make better choices more often. In the light of day or the depths of night, we all have our own pathology and mental illness. It isn’t in the illness but in the accommodation and exploitation of it that remarkable people rise. In spite or because of their quirks, foibles and tendencies, they thrive.

Fifth – they thrive in ambiguity, conflict and tension. The recognize that the imperative of comfort, convenience and certainty, that most embrace, are silently destroying intellect of individuals, resilience of community and perseverance of humanity. They swim in tension and uncertainty because the alternative is a slow and mediocre death.

Sixth – remarkable people shine a light on the darkness in their lives, most of which that arises from their ego. They are aware that the ego can use trickery, deception, admiration and self deprecation to keep them on a self serving path. They have developed an intention and practice of reflection and diligence. They poke around their intentions and actions asking deep why questions and adapting and aligning to their values.

Most importantly, being a remarkable person is a choice we get to make every day.

Make Today Remarkable, by choosing to be remarkable,


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Rights and Responsibilities

“I have a right to my privacy” were the first words I heard on the radio this morning as someone who had been accused of possession of child pornography complained that his private life was being upturned and police and media were prying into his personal life.

The next story was about a group in Quebec challenging the governments plan to block Internet gambling sites in order to protect citizens from evil and preserve their gaming revenue. The group contends that their freedom of expression is reduced if they can’t access whatever they want on the Internet.

I was at a registry this week renewing my driver’s license when an angry man in his 40’s started shouting ” I couldn’t get on my flight because my license had expired and you didn’t send me a reminder notice.”

At yoga last night, there was a complaint that “the school didn’t tell me that my 5 year old would need to go into the gym for assembly, with all the other kids from his school. ” I have a right to know everything that could effect him”.


It is difficult for me to not be judgmental. Generally I have strong personal opinions that often don’t align with what I hear in my world. I believe that our rights should be defended at every turn. I should defend, you should defend, we should all defend. But with every right there is an associated and often unspoken responsibility. In fact in every situation, we bear personal responsibility for out actions and consequences. Rights can’t and shouldn’t absolve us of those responsibilities, they should encourage us to take both rights and responsibilities seriously.

Often the most vitriolic defense of ‘my rights’ is when someone feels that the treatment or service they received didn’t meet what they felt they needed. On examination, we might realize that we have been coddled by authorities in whose interest we have been absolved rather than involved in decisions and actions that impact us. I was aware, because I pay attention, that the government wasn’t sending out reminder notices to renew and marked a date in my calendar (well ahead of expiry) to visit the office and get it done. When incidents occur in my life where I am unhappy with the consequences, I ask ” should I/ could I have known? Could I/should I have done something else? Was I speeding? is my health condition a result of lifestyle choices?” Often I can’t change the consequences but I can accept that if “I did the crime, I should do the time”. Rather than being quick to shift blame to a scapegoat, it is more productive to accept evaluate my culpability and accept my role in the results. If atonement is needed – I like to get it over with quickly.

I don’t have any advise for those that see the world differently other than to suggest that sacred texts have been offering thoughts like “why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” for thousands of years. Maybe it is time to pay attention to the words and the log.


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Remarkable People

Is there a cause or correlation between the effort you put out and the results you achieve? Is there a connection between the quality and quantity of time that you put into a project and the value you add? Are you monitoring your efforts and results or coasting through your days, weeks, months life? It seems entirely possible that someone can fake their efforts, actions and receive undue credit form leadership but does it leave them empty, guilty, and demotivated? Are you willing to step up your game and become a remarkable person using your strengths to strengthen others and to add value in every situation? If you answered yes to any or all these questions you could benefit from a season of remarkable people coaching.

We are adding clients for the fourth quarter and offering a winter special to those who are ready to commit to achieving greatness. Did you set some 2016 goals that have fallen by the wayside? Do you think they are impossible to reach this year? Are the goals still meaningful to you? If you don’t get started soon (this week, next month) you are probably right to believe that you won’t get to the goal. But if you are ready, we have an opportunity for you. If you sign up for 5 discounted coaching sessions (regular $1000), we will add a 6th complementary session. Each solution focused, feed forward coaching call will last 40 minutes and focus on setting a meaningful and realistic goal and removing internal and external barriers to success. Over 5 weeks, we will work through difficult circumstances with wicked impacts that need your specific and unique strengths to overcome them.

Are you ready to reach remarkable objectives? Visit http://www.remarkablepeople.ca for more information. You can send an inquiry through the site or contact me bob@remarkablepeople.ca to begin the process. If you make a decision to make 2016 a remarkable year, we will provide you with 5 sessions plus bonus complimentary call for $567 plus GST.

I look forward to working with you.



Heart before Head

“The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of… We know the truth not only by the reason, but by the heart.” – Blaise Pascal


I always suggest that we work 80% of the time in the areas where we are strongest and if possible spend less than 20% of our time on weaknesses. As adults we have endured the rigor of a generalist education where we were supposed to work on weaknesses and improve overall. Now we can celebrate that we have gifts and tendencies and that others on our team are strong in other areas.

What if we would be better off if we acknowledged that some/most decisions are best reasoned by our hearts? What if the strength we are ignoring is the reasoning of our heart?

I find that I often make the best choices when my head opens just enough to give permission for my heart to step forward and decide. Relationships, philanthropy, community, mission, purpose, and hope are better served from the soul. In the end, at the end, the decisions about investments and spending and politics will seem trivial. Whether you leave $1 Million or $1 should be of little consequence for your legacy if you have focused on relationships. If inheritance is what the people in your life are waiting for, you will likely be forgotten very quickly. How you voted in a national election (which seems to be important today) means very little in the big picture. The stuff of our head is important in the moment but fades  against age and time.

I am trusting my humanity and compassion as a guide to the important choices and only when necessary will I let my flawed intellect overrule.

Make Today Remarkable, by opening your heart,





A Labour of Love

On the first Monday in September much of North America takes a day off.  Apparently because of strikes and unrest in the past we celebrate Labour Day now rather than on May 1. I am not sure what the traditions and festivities are supposed to be but the day got me thinking about Labour (or labor for our US friends) and love. Am I doing what I love as my daily labour? If  not, why not?  Am I labouring towards an important goal? A life mission? or am I merely marking time in drudgery?

I am certainly not slogging in a rut working to get through each day but I realize that there are some activities, that I have chosen, that don’t fulfill my soul. I am going to figure out how to honour and respect contracts and remedy the situation.

As you reflect on the day and the turning of seasons, are you living a labour of love? If not, why not?


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Life’s Delays

What do do if the best laid plans are delayed? If you are at the airport expecting to depart at 1:00 and discover that you can’t leave until 4:15 do you feel anxious, angry, or adaptable? What if you expect a colleague to meet you for a business meeting but she doesn’t show up or she is 40 minutes late. Do you resent the waste of time or make the time valuable? Do you expect an explanation or apology? The best laid plans of mice and men are oft to go awry ~ according to Bill S and many other writers and philosophers.

I carry an ereader, have Kindle on my smart phone and most often have reading and writing that I can do if the timing changes or if I get dissed. It is easier for me to make the best of situations now that wifi is available for free almost everywhere I travel. I am sitting in YYC airport logged on to terminal wide free service with amazingly great connection. I am able to listen to an Audible title that I was saving for the flight. I am not sure if the delay will actually happen. There is still a chance that we will leave at the appointed time but it got me thinking about what frustrations I feel around schedule changes and unmet expectations.

I seem to be okay with the current situation. I am not so good with delays to projects that are caused by others missing deadlines or neglecting to meet obligations. In the realm of work and social change, everything feels like a delay. I tend to get impatient with inaction and incomplete accomplishments. If I say that I will submit a document or report before the end of the day – it is in your box before 5pm. By meeting the commitment I then imagine that you will read and comment before noon the next day. Often it seems that it takes 48 to 168 hours fro a response and occasionally I need to prompt and provoke feedback. I see the lack of response as disrespect (I know it might not be personal but I take most things personally). My response isn’t about productivity or high standards. It is about manners and recognizing that every action or inaction I take has consequences and impacts people connected to me and people I don’t even know.

Sitting waiting for a boarding announcement, I am calm. Writing about disrespect and consequences is making my heart race and I am feeling a mood change so I will stop here with the opening question – What do do if the best laid plans are delayed?

Make Today Remarkable, by making the best of every delay,