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Time is on Your Side

Tomorrow you get a fresh 168. I know some of you will disagree and say that the new week starts on Monday but for the purposes of this post, please humour me. Starting at midnight tonight you have 10,080 minutes to use as you want, need, could, should. At 11:59:59 next Saturday, the clock ticks over and they are all gone regardless of how you wanted to, needed to, promised to, hoped to, should have, could have used them. Next Saturday night, they are gone. You don’t get to carry them over. There isn’t any interest paid on the moments you didn’t really use but let slip away.140seconds

168 hours, 10,080 minutes, 604,800 seconds ahead of you in the next 7 days and yet the refrain I hear most often is I don’t have time. How did you use the week that is ending tonight? Do you know what you did with the minutes? Did you fritter some of them away like I did? Do you have no memory of great chunks like I do? Did you sleep enough? too much? If you are like me, you don’t know where the week went. Maybe it is time to keep track.

Would you join me in capturing your week in 30 minute blocks? Start tomorrow morning, when you get up – I will be up at 5am so I will record that 10 30 minute segments were at rest. My routine is such that I can predict that the next 2 segments will be learning and the following 2 will be exercise. After that it often seems like a free-for-all but I will hand record my day and my week so I can see where it is going. I am not asking you to change anything (not yet) just capture the 336 segments so that you can review your activities.

Are you in? I will commit to begin disclosing my week starting with my Monday post, just to keep me accountable.

Make Your Time Remarkable,


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