After a couple of days of writing about being grateful and being optimistic, here and here,  I was accused of ‘always focusing on the positive’. Guilty as charged, I am optimistic, hopeful, and believe that tomorrow can be better/great if I choose to make it so. I completely understand that this might just be a placebo effect and that there is ‘no proof’.

The world has enough haters, enough naysayers, enough hell in a hand basket, down the tubes, nothing will ever be right, it’s not my fault pronouncers. Social media, newspaper comment sections and most TV punditry is full of veiled vitriol. I considered writing a column about all the things in my life that I am not thankful for but realized that I would be worse for the exercise. We don’t need more negativity.

I will continue to try to be affirming, confirming, endorsing and supporting and allow dissenters the opportunity to seek conversation, discussion and debate elsewhere.

Make Today Positive,


For those who are following my 168 here is my day 1 report on how I spent my 48 – 30 minute segments.

Sunday Sleep – 16, Family – 8, Travel – 5, Exercise -4, Eating – 3
Reading – 4, Learning – 2, Writing – 2, Netflix – 4. What I noticed; this was an unusual day with Thanksgiving celebration and airport pickup.

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