Today’s Inspiration

What inspires you can but doesn’t need to inspire someone else. You can and should be your own creation motivated to creativity by the stuff that ‘floats your boat’. You can also create inspiration that may or may not be stimulate someone to a new idea, an different action or an iterative act of genius. It might also crash like a lead balloon. You get to be the maker and sometimes what you concoct will be crappy and won’t lift your spirits or even your mom’s.

But you do have a responsibility to create; to make something – your art; a poem, a song, a quilt, a stool, a meal, a letter, a book, a movie, a painting, a movement … You have a (many) works inside you that you must enact or the gift is wasted. Each can be uniquely you or uniquely me.

We seem to be smudging all this genuine invention and innovation with homogeneity. We look for trends and copy them. We chase someone else’s art and pretend we want to do or be that. We like and “Like’ the same stuff that our friends do and we begin to blend into a blob of sameness. The sameness can’t be very interesting, clever or outrageous because it appeals to such a wide range that it needs to be amorphous.

Creativity comes from being different unless you strive to be part of the 2017 boy band and then androgynous indeterminate shallowness will suffice. There are likely dozens of managers shaping the next pop idols so let’s be something else.

I learned today, in an unlikely arena, that I need to be more of what I am and more of who I am. I get to embrace the time of my life in ways that only work for me and I am able to conceive, initiate and produce my own masterpieces and be okay with appreciation or criticism from others. I also get to revise, adapt and edit the pieces until they are pleasing to me.

I am off on a new tangent which hopefully will serve my mission of influencing others to be remarkable in their own way.


Fresh 168 report

Wednesday – Sleep 16, Work 10, Volunteer 3, Friends 3, Learn 2, Read 2, Workout 4, Family 8

Thursday Sleep 16, Work 13, Family 10, Eat 5, Learn 4

Friday Sleep 18, Work 10, Family 8, Netflix 6, Learn 2, Read 2, Eat 2

What I have noticed so far is that I prioritize rest, still have too many TV/Netflix hours, had a good week with family and am amazed by on average on 10 30 miute segments that I would call work.

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