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Observing Generositty

November rang in the month of generosity. I opened my eyes, ears and heart to caring, courtesy, camaraderie and champions. So far I have seen 129 smiles bestowed upon strangers, 31 doors held open, 2 instances of a stranger stepping up and carrying bags, and 2 times when someone paid forward a coffee purchase. I have received more smiles than I could keep track of, more encouragement than I deserve and unsolicited references and connections. People I hardly know shared their time and expertise with me, opened their heart to my concerns and offered generous and well intended advice.  I received an offer and an unexpected opportunity  from a colleague and then as he was leaving he tossed a big and sincere complement my way.

There have been dozens of chances for me to act with gentleness, kindness and hospitality and being aware of the moment I chose to respond with abundance and largess every time. Without the conscious intent of observing generosity I am sure I wouldn’t have been so consistent. My efforts and intent were warmly received and appreciated and in the moment and aftermath I received a splash from someone else’s heart and nobleness.

There is a theory that if we intentionally undertake a habit for 21 days, it becomes easier to maintain and eventually becomes embedded. Three days in, I am seeing the benefit I anticipated and am excited to continue developing this purposeful practice.




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