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I listened to an interview on Curious this morning that was taped in April 2016. W. Kamau Bell was just airing his CNN show that week and he reflected on the state of his country’s politics, economy and social structure.  He confessed that he lives in Berkley so his politics are as far from mainstream as he could get but his big three issues facing America during the campaign should be education, health care and prison systems. I live in Canada so am not subjected to the daily barrage of candidate messages but from my seat there hasn’t been any discussion about these issues, regardless of how right or left you lean. I haven’t heard any substance and worry for the future of American friends.

As is the custom on Curious, the guest is asked to speak to someone in the future and offer them advice as if you were no longer there to provide it. Kamau spoke to his daughter Sammie and reminded her ” that as bad as things are today, remember you need to keep hope in your heart and have some really good boots so you can get out and do the work”. On the eve of the eve, I am holding hope and urging the world to hold hope and am encouraging everyone to wake up on Wednesday, no Thursday and put your boots on and step out to make your corner of the world a better place.


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