Self Improvement

Accepting Your Limits for Today

This week, I was in our gym doing some strength training and feeling a bit insecure about how much/little I am able to dead lift and overhead press. I know it isn’t suppose to be a competition and honestly there wasn’t even anyone else there. The insecurity was humbling and I usually respond better to humility inducing opportunities. Anyway, I added 10 pounds to OHP weight and recorded it in an app I use from Stronglifts called 5X5. I did the first set and pushed the button to record it. After 45 seconds, I did a second set and realized that I had overdone the weight increase because my ego didn’t like the humble pie but I did the 5 reps and clicked the button. After 90 seconds I struggled mightily through set 3 and clicked and then pushed ‘Finished’ instead of doing two more prescribed sets ( my acknowledgement of my mistake and limitations). The app said “quitting isn’t and option”. I hadn’t seen that ‘motivation’ reminder before but pushed ‘Finished’ again. ” are you a wimp?” was the app’s response. My back was up and in most circumstances I would have gotten into a ‘let-me-show-you’ space and ignored my inner voice saying ” you have reached your limit”. This time I pushed ‘Finished’ one last time and turned the app off. I used it again later in the week after learning so many lessons about myself and better way to react to external stimuli.

Sometimes when we are feeling vulnerable, we ignore or deny or unaware of the cause. Many of us have a sick-it-up backstory from childhood where pushing through at any cost was always the right answer. I recognize that I have scripts running in my head from a father who likely really just wanted me to succeed and high school coaches who wanted to win. I also realize that quitting is a slippery slope – harder to do the first time than the fifth (at anything). Persistence is a virtue that I celebrate but I am coming to understand that self awareness and humility to admit limitations are also important aspects I can learn and embrace.

The rest of my workouts, this week, were strenuous but within my ability and I was able to run a grueling 10K trail run on a muddy course, this morning, (and finish first in my age group) because I didn’t injure myself. The takeaway for me and maybe others is that pushing to be better is great but recognizing your current limits without personal judgement is greater.

IMAG0842 (2)

Tomorrow, I tackle OHP, dead lifts and squats with a new clarity of purpose and promise.

Make Today Remarkable, by accepting humility,



Belief is a Choice

Belief is a choice, like trust and bravery. Trust and belief are choices, once made become invisible. If you make the choice to not believe, it is always the lens you view the world through.

On November 3, 1929, Robert Ripley  drew a panel in his syndicated cartoon saying “Believe It or Not, America has no national anthem. “Despite the widespread belief that “The Star-Spangled Banner”, was the United States national anthem, congress had never officially proclaimed it.  By a law signed on two years later, by President Herbert Hoover, “The Star-Spangled Banner” was adopted as the national anthem of the United States. That was the beginning of Ripley’s real fame.

The 1930s saw Ripley expand his presence into other media. In 1930, he began a fourteen-year run on radio. Ripley recorded live radio shows from underwater, the sky, caves, snake pits, and foreign countries. The next year he hosted the first of a series of two dozen Believe It or Not! theatrical short films. In 1932, Ripley opened his first museum, the Odditorium, in Chicago in 1933. The concept was a success, and at one point there were Odditoriums in San Diego, Dallas, Cleveland, San Francisco, and New York City. By this point in his life, Ripley had been voted the most popular man in America. He asked millions worldwide to believe or not – make a choice.

Choosing to Believe Changes the View. (2)

Once you choose to believe – 2+2=4, Man landed on the moon, Jesus is the risen Lord, your partner loves you … all forms of opportunity presents itself because of the lens you are viewing. Some choices are or we think are empirical like the earth is round and we can use ‘evidence’ to analyse and decide. Some are philosophical like helping the poor is laudable and we opt for the one that fits with existing values. In love emotions can be the measure that tips the believe scale. Loyalty, faith, experience and intuition contribute in varying measure to the choice, depending on the circumstance and occasion.

Regardless of how the choice is made, once made a new viewpoint opens and we see this world with brightness.

This choice, like all our choices can be reversed or altered, for an equal number of combinations of reasons. Today, choose to believe that you are loved (you really are). Fake it if you must. In every situation today make the choice to believe that you are admired, accepted and adored. How does this one choice change your day? How would making a habit of believing change your life?

Make Today Remarkable, by choosing to believe,