Do It

Nike understands “Just do it” . Shia Lebouf gets it Just Do It┬áDoit.org has it figured out.

We all recognize that we are healthier, happier and helpful if we step into the action we espouse we want to take. It isn’t just procrastination. It isn’t just workload. It isn’t just schedule. It is the impetus to break away from the urgent to tackle the important.

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We can all overcome the ‘stuckness’ by asking ‘ can I just do it now?” If you want to be a blood donor but don’t schedule an appointment – do it right now and then book your next appointment when you are at the clinic – put it in your calendar and repeat.

If you want to call a friend or family member – do it right now and then close the conversation by saying ” I will call you on Saturday” and put in in your calendar.

If you need new towels but never get to the store – do it now. If you have an assignment that would take less than 20 minutes to complete – do it now. If it will take longer than 20 minutes, break it into 20 minute segments.

Start with small niggling stuff that is taking up kinetic energy and causing anxiousness – do it now. As you tick off accomplishments and schedule new repetitions and make appointments in your agenda for the things you love; Read 30 minutes, Yoga, Family, Run …

Try a new approach for the next week. When you can – do it now.