Are You Adding Value?

What is your contributions to the conversation? Are you adding to the relationship? Is your performance value enhancing at work? Do you stop to consider how you impact each situation or are you droning through each day oblivious to your responsibility?

I encounter far too many, well educated, blessed Americans and Canadians who don’t see how they subtract and detract from opportunities by being unaware of the consequences they are creating. Today, I am not suggesting that you change any habit, reverse any decision, act any differently. I am just suggesting that you take a moment (no longer) to consider how your decisions, actions and choices impact those around you. I am not asking you to consider butterfly wings and the weather in Japan but rather the small squalls and potential tsunamis that you are willingly inflicting on family, friends, colleagues and neighbors.

Take a moment to consider how slamming a door in someone’s face (either literally or metaphorically) impacts them. Think about what consequence arises when you cut someone off in traffic rather than give way and space. were the words you spoke necessary, necessary now and spoken in kindness?

We can all do better and considering the other. When we do, we reach the acme of Maslow’s pyramid and begin becoming fully actualized.

Be considerate today,



Is Guilt a Wasted Tactic?

When you feel guilty does it motivate you? If you carry guilt around does it change how you act? Does it matter if someone else is laying on the quilt or if you are creating it?

Most things we feel guilty about  don’t deserve the effort. If you don’t cook one night but instead order pizza, don’t sweat it. If you miss one personal deadline, cut yourself some slack. If you sleep in two mornings rather than getting up for a workout, it is okay.

If you lie once , to gain a personal advantage, maybe you should feel a twinge. If you lie constantly will guilt help you become truthful? If your actions are intentionally hurtful or your words intentionally mean spirited, I don’t want to be around you and you should look tired from a lack of quality sleep.

I am not sure guilt compels us to act differently. If the action conforms with our world view and approach to life, it is likely a waste of the effort. If we do, say or compel something that is out of character then that niggling voice can bring us back in alignment.

I do things that I am proud of every week. I do things that make me feel guilty every week. It isn’t a balancing exercise but being aware of the motivation and consequences might tip my week towards things I am proud of.

Make Today Remarkable, by being observant,