Big, Bold and Messy

If you are by nature more outgoing and gregarious and were nurtured to love the spotlight and encouraged to perform then you may appreciate a big bold and messy life. Ups and downs; wild rides to the top of a coaster where you can’t see the horizon and belly jumping loops that unsettle you from your seat will be of great appeal. You will be troubled by downturns but not devastated and you likely don’t handle failure any better or worse than success. You are looking for the next cycle.


I know lots of bbm folks and might be one myself. We relish the chance to try something ‘new’, although as I age I am not sure I take the same kinds of risks. In my head and heart I am still capable of doing anything but a niggling crack of reality is starting to shine through. My friends who enjoy a ride are working in careers where the opportunity to speak and influence is expected. They can be outrageous and say/do audacious things. A challenge for them would be to remain quiet and still for a long time (30 minutes for a couple of them – NN and JB). Most love being around people and gain energy from having an audience to test new material on.

I love my bbm friends for their enthusiasm and for how they embrace challenges head on. They can be exhausting (I can be exhausting) if you travel with them, live with them or share a workspace if you don’t share their zealous approach to the work, their relationships and their lives.

Tomorrow – Solid, Secure and Smart