Military Buff


We were out on a whale watch tour a couple of weeks ago, off the coast of southern California. There was lots of military exercises happening near the coast at Oceanside and we saw helicopters landing and taking off from a carrier. They were twin rotor helicopters and a young boy on the ship said they were V22 Ospreys which I researched and he was right. He said “he was a bit of a military buff”. Of course that got me thinking – what am I a buff of? Are buffs needed in the days of unlimited, immediate information?

I am a big picture, impatient, imperfectionist with an action bias so being a detail oriented, specialist isn’t my style but I do love the trivia of it all and have been known to say buffy things “like according to Kant” or ” is that quote ipsissima verba?”. I don’t know if that is smartassery or buffery?

I love that I can ask Google Now any question and get an answer but I am still enamored with people who carry the minutia around in their heads because they are passionate about the subject.

Are you a buff? What subject area are you passionate about?