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Human-scaled Dreams

Where I live, we just came through months of debate, discussion, dialogue, vitriol, sloganeering and dreaming about hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics. This Big Idea was supposed to create imagination, energy, economic output, and reenergize our City. After a referendum, the debate is over. 56% of voters chose not to support the bid. The morning after – there was lots of ringing of hands (understandable) and accusations. ” Now what big idea will save us?”

It got me wondering about human-scaled dreams and human-scaled actions. Would 10,000 dreams taking flight lift our city to new heights? Could we learn about each other and what we are capable of if 10,000 people recruited 10 people to come alongside them and undertake a project to bring beauty, equity, economy, creativity, imagination to life?
Would the as-yet-unimagined be the impetus for us to make our great city even greater? I think so.
I am interested in what you think? 10,000 Dreams for YYC. Would you be a part of the journey? What popped into your mind as a project? or Am I tilting windmills, again?

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Inside my Head

Seth Godin calls the amigdala  our lizard brain. Mine can save my life – maybe or it  can be so in control that it paralyzes me.

I am challenging myself to be aware when my self edit kicks in and says thinks like ” that won’t work, don’t even try” or ” it has never been tried” or ” everybody else believes X”. Seeing the edit tab come up is the first step to shutting it off. What if, for just one hour today, we turned that function off and let every misstep, misspeak, misspell, misinterpret, flow thorough and see what generates, what flows, what surprises.

I (we) are too quick to suppress the unknown, the untried and the somewhat crazy. Inside my head, justification, rationalization and fear make the small risk seem too great to even entertain.

The world is changing around us. Diamdis and Kottler say the rate of change is exponential and soon the exponent is going exponential. If we constantly have the safety of edit we might get swallowed in the waves.

Reach up to your left ear, right now, grab the lobe tightly and give it a counter clockwise twist. One twist turns off the function. Don’t worry it will reboot and kick in quickly. You may need to turn it off two or three times when you notice that it is re-configuring and idea or action. Strive for one hour today. When you survive try again tomorrow.

Make Today Remarkable, by allowing remarkable out,