Are you Open to Fulfillment?

Do we even understand what living a fulfilled life might look like? What are the things that you would need to be fulfilled? Love, time, money. security, purpose, a new car, friends, family, relationships, health, clothes, fame …? What would be in your list? Take 5 minutes right now and list all the things (material and immaterial, worldly and spiritual, big and small) that you believe would bring you ‘happiness’. Your list will be different than mine, different from your brother’s, your partner’s or your children’s.

What are the barriers? What do you need less of to gain fulfillment? Are you physically limited in achieving or striving for those things on your list? Have you thought about why those things are/should be important? Are stress, conflict, timidity, uncertainty, lack of confidence, lack of wisdom, limited understanding, damaged relationships, poor health on the list?

Are  you interested and committed to seeing how much of the two lists you can change? Are you ready to shake things up and trust that the Universe has a plan for you and that you need to seek it? Do you want to make meaning for your life?

The next three weeks, I commit to sharing this journey with you, as I undertake it. I will write something here that I observe, learn, discover – good and bad. Are you willing to join me?


Make Today the Beginning,



Two Hands – Three Balls

Are you juggling too many balls? Too many is a relative term. I can keep two in the air with one hand but struggle to keep 3 or more up with both hands. If I had another pair of hands or many more jugglers everything gets more complicated. It is why jugglers (and magicians) impress me. But for the rest of us, what do we do with the additional balls?

I might never master keeping three projects going simultaneously. In me the myth of multitasking seems to be disprove. I am easily distracted by another shiny thing but only if I set aside what I am focused on in the moment. To make the transition work I need to lay down one file and pick up another. I need to bookmark one conversation so I can return to it if I am drawn into something else. I dog ear books and love that Kindle remembers where In was when I stop reading.

I use lists, calendars, memory cupboards with some success and I schedule almost everything to try keep the saucers spinning in the right direction. You have all seen what happens when one stick wobbles and the whole array of plates crashes.

I don’t have a simple solution to juggling. I probably don’t have a simple solution for anything. But for me improving focus on the task at hand and then demarking it in some way helps me make a smoother slide to the next task. It isn’t really juggling but the balls all keep getting passed.


Make Today Remarkable, by not joining the circus,