Why are You Curious?

Curiousity and a curious attitude is not motivated by the need to be right but by the need to understand. This may sound like a repetition on a theme (see My Raging Confirmation Bias) but if it is, it bears repeating.


When you wonder about something; a question, a problem, an unknown story… is your interest out of a pure quest for knowledge or to acquire a sharp sword to slice someone else’s position to pieces?

The areas of my life that receive the most attention and time; politics, social issues, religion¬†and social change have strong advocates for strongly held ideological positions. I am considered one who has strong opinions, ideas, tendencies. On the days I am researching, writing or presenting with a quest to learn and understand I receive gifts, gems of wisdom, that I might instinctively ignore. When I am head down, blinkers on searching for the evidence to confirm my thesis, I don’t learn much (even if I am in the same text, room, or conversation).

I suspect curiousity is a muscle that needs to be exercised and a practice that needs rehearsal. When I have spent some time reading for pleasure, with an open heart, from a source that I wouldn’t normally choose I acquire interesting and useful nuggets. I know when this happens because I smile or knit my brow as a reflect to my curiousity being whetted. It seems that an hour of rehearsal strengthens the muscle and when I delve back into subject or interest ¬†area work, I am questioning.

Make Today Remarkable, by being curious,