Well On My Way

January 10 and I am well on my way on some of my 52 in 52 list. I have read 2 books this month 2/52, I watched 3 independent films 3/52, I am at 35k so slightly behind 152k/month goal but being in paradise hasn’t helped in other areas.

My writing projects have stalled (still churning out work but novel and play have fallen into the doldrums). The planned social media launch hasn’t happened.I am maintaining my weight but not doing a great job with nutrition choices.

I am declaring a January 11 reboot and starting anew in the morning. Today I am going to celebrate my blessings, my accomplishments and the opportunities the day brings starting with sunshine and an 8 am bird walk.

Make Sunday Remarkable and reboot tomorrow id necessary,



Inside my Head

Seth Godin calls the amigdala  our lizard brain. Mine can save my life – maybe or it  can be so in control that it paralyzes me.

I am challenging myself to be aware when my self edit kicks in and says thinks like ” that won’t work, don’t even try” or ” it has never been tried” or ” everybody else believes X”. Seeing the edit tab come up is the first step to shutting it off. What if, for just one hour today, we turned that function off and let every misstep, misspeak, misspell, misinterpret, flow thorough and see what generates, what flows, what surprises.

I (we) are too quick to suppress the unknown, the untried and the somewhat crazy. Inside my head, justification, rationalization and fear make the small risk seem too great to even entertain.

The world is changing around us. Diamdis and Kottler say the rate of change is exponential and soon the exponent is going exponential. If we constantly have the safety of edit we might get swallowed in the waves.

Reach up to your left ear, right now, grab the lobe tightly and give it a counter clockwise twist. One twist turns off the function. Don’t worry it will reboot and kick in quickly. You may need to turn it off two or three times when you notice that it is re-configuring and idea or action. Strive for one hour today. When you survive try again tomorrow.

Make Today Remarkable, by allowing remarkable out,



Reboot, Recommit, Reorient

The beginning of a new month, a new season often stirs the promise of change in certain elements of our lives. “This is a good time to eat better and get more exercise”, ” I am going to get up an hour earlier every day and read a good book and make my lunch”, I need to listen to him/her more – things could be so much better”, ” I am going to volunteer”, “I am going to find love”, ” I am going to change things” First, let me tell you that you are remarkable, or at least remarkable is waiting to bloom in your life. Remarkable people live remarkable lives by recognizing their strengths and using them to strengthen themselves and others. That stirring that you are feeling is the remarkable you trying to break out of the mediocrity that the world tries to convince us is the best we can be. Every day we hear messages from big government, big business, big media, big charity that tell us “don’t worry your silly little head about that, we will take care of it.” In most cases the Big can’t, won’t and shouldn’t be responsible for actions, tasks, services that we are able to look after ourselves. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, ” I believe every person, given the opportunity and circumstances will take care of herself, his family and her community. But we need to let the remarkable you out, into the world where your small actions can make a big difference (in your life and those around you). Today’s challenge is to take a risk – take a small step or better yet a series of small steps towards the change you are seeking (even if it isn’t fully formed or understood yet). Taking action is always better than doing nothing. If the first step is a misstep or doesn’t quite hit the mark, we can adjust, amend, reverse but if we sit on our couch waiting for amazing to arrive – it will be a long wait and we won’t learn what the next step in the journey should be. I urge you accept the challenge and tell others how you did by jotting a comment. Next post will be about how you can fuel the journey with your passion. Make Today Remarkable and tell us how you did.