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A compilation of daily thoughts.
When wrestling with a decision, think for yourself, not about yourself. #thoughtfortoday

InTELLegence is recognized in the acquisition and understanding of knowledge, not in the telling to make others look small. #learn #listen #thought4today

Every morning you have two choices, continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them. #tought4today

Attempt to be radically and unreasonably patient, today, and see what happens. #though4today

If we are unable to fit others into our worldview, do they become invisible or vilified? #thought4today

A bee won’t directly benefit from the honey she makes; instead, it will allow future generations to thrive after she is gone. #thought4today

Being a citizen (someone who is a dweller of the land) should invoke a sense of community, connectivity, and responsibility. #thought4today

The message is magnified when it is shared by hundreds. #makemeaning #becourageous #thought4today

Does avoiding awkward situations or absolving yourself of responsibility fit with the view you have of yourself. #thought4today

Is our collective memory fading after only a few years? Does it matter? #thought4today #JohnLennon

Do you ever wake up wishing you were somewhere else? What is stopping you? #thought4today

Gravity is the most impactful force in our universe and yet we ignore it almost all the time. #thought4today

Gratitude is the second most powerful force in our lives and we ignore and reject it in favor of negativity. #thought4today #begrateful

Economic prosperity and social prosperity need to be synced in order to build diverse and robust communities. #thought4today

Each day I get to choose between words that inspire and words that intimidate. #thought4today

Our belief in ourselves and others impacts the outcome. If you think you can, you are more likely to succeed. #thought4today

Hope isn’t a strategy but no strategy can succeed without hope. #thought4today

My imagination isn’t limited by my circumstances. #thoughtfortoday

In our most awkward moments, we have the opportunity to be the most authentic. #thought4today #askanawkwardquestion

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder where does unattractiveness reside? #thought4today #seebeauty

The first small step is just a first small step, but the second and third and … are what propels movement. #thought4today

It feels good to do good, so make this Feel Good Friday. #fgf #thought4today

Playing an active role in your community makes the nearly impossible idea of democracy possible.

Maybe, sometimes I’m wrong, but I’m wrong sincerely. #thought4today #confession

I find myself increasingly perplexed by Artifical intelligence but even more perplexed by the politic of the world. #thought4today

If we continue to manage social issues, social issues manage to continue. #thought4today #findsolutions

Kind words can dampen the fire of anger. #thought4today