I Adore Autumn

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I am always surprised by the light and air we get north of the 49th parallel this time of year. I prefer Autumn over Spring even though April brings some reprieve to the wintery weather. Fall always feels clean and fresh. The decay from fallen leaves and plants touched by frost offer a pleasing aroma of closure. New vistas are opened from my office as the bare branches of the aspen and birch create a frame of sites I have seen for months.

Even on the mornings that the temperature would be described as bracing, I enjoy being out in the world marking the end of something and the beginning of something different. Our summer here was cloudy and rainy (we usually get the most hours of sunshine anywhere in Canada) and the warm temperatures were in May and June so the shoulder has been awkward and for light lovers a bit depressing.
The sunrise this morning tinged with orange and red beckons me out for a long walk along the river and to hunker down on a bench with a coffee and delectable pastry.

The fall air buoys my spirits and raises my optimism which is weird because I can hear winter knocking at the door and if summer is my favorite season I appreciate November to March the least. Is it ‘the calm before the storm’ syndrome where I anticipate what is around the corner so by comparison it makes this time so much better? Does October and November conjure up childhood memories of birthday celebrations and Thanksgiving and Halloween? I am not sure if my most treasured childhood events actually happened in the fall but my memory has place them from late August and late November. As the leaves begin to change colour and shimmer and whisper I hear renewed friendships as a new school year started, team camaraderie and support as we chased each other around the gridiron and the rush of sugar coursing through us from a pillowcase full of Halloween loot.

I appreciate this season for many reasons but deep down I know I need to embrace it rather than suffer it and as December leans into a new year I will wrap myself in layers and wrap my arms around her bone chilling conditions and find new ways to appreciate her gifts too.

Make Today Remarkable, by living in it,