jessica Hagy

Jessica Hagy from Indexed has possibly captured the reason for 50% of all marriages ending in divorce – Perfection. Or at least the illusion that one person can perfectly fill every need and if he isn’t perfect when you marry him, you can expect him to become perfect and meeting all your needs.

Perfection is a perception that is achievable. Working hard every day to  live happily ever after is within reach but pedestals shouldn’t be part of matrimony. Relationships thrive in observing flaws and faults and either accepting them or openly talking about them. Asking someone to give up a part of them self or change a value or feature that isn’t hurtful to others opens a door to resentment by both parties.

Love your partner. Love them as they are. Celebrate when they celebrate, grieve when they grieve. Tell them why their health is important to you. Let them know that something they are doing is hurtful to you. But love them petals, thorns, scent and roots.


4 thoughts on “Perfection?

  1. The of communication of what each person needs in the relationship is probably more of the reason of the low success rate in marriages. There is so much that is not taught to us, because our elders had no idea themselves. Relationships are a process to help each other grow – both partners need to want to grow together, if only one is growing – the relationship is doomed. Every feels love differently – it’s vital to learn how your partner feels loved and then love them that way – which will probably be different than what you experienced previously. So much to explore, get some of the Secrets to Building Better Love Relationships in my ebook -> and read Gary Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages and Harville Hendrix’s Getting the Love You Want — these books should be required reading for every relationship – personal and business

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