Coming Back

In the three years that I have been away from this blog, I experienced much of the same stress and distress that most people in the world lived through. The lockdowns and restrictions curbed social interaction, dampened enthusiasm, reduced motivation, and limited adventure. Sure, we made an effort to spend more time outside and were largely successful. We hiked and snowshoed, biked, and walked. We saw wildlife and wildflowers. I had my fill of Google Meets, MS Meeting, and Zoom and was exhausted by the polarity of opinion and the rigor of isolation.

And then, things reopened and like someone who has been doing a dry February for 2 years or a fast for two months, I overindulged and overdid the return to what I thought I missed. We partied like it was 2019 – good food, good drinks, and good times. But I wasn’t filled. There was a void that didn’t get filled.

I realized that I was starved for dialogue and discussion and debate. I wanted dissent around topics other than personal liberty or personal choice. I craved philosophy and practice in an unequal measure. I needed to be challenged for something meaningful, not how I chose to be vaccinated or why I made that choice but rather a meaningful examination of the culture and community and why in the midst of polarity everything sounds like an echo.

I have spent a lot of my time testing ideas and trying new things, in my daily work. I have learned that wicked personal circumstances require direct, personal intervention. I realize that in order to restore people, young and older, from trauma, stress, mental health, and addiction we need a combination of medical treatment and narrative mediation. When folks are ready to be restored they need assistance in restorying. Attachments need to be regained or replaced, accountability needs to be mandatory and self-regulated, forgiveness needs to be bidirectional, and hard work must be celebrated and rewarded.

Over the next months, I am going to restore an old habit of writing daily and publishing often. I would love if this was a dialogue but if you aren’t ready to write a comment or question a premise then I hope that something here fills your ears and your head, and your heart.


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In Alberta, we are on the cusp of an election campaign where predictably freedom will be a buzzword; where each party has their own conception of how freedom is represented in society.
One side sees that freedom is freedom from interference, You are free to do what you want, where and when you want without interference from authorities. I have free speech so no one should interfere with my exercising it. The sentiment seems reasonable and I subscribe to a personal responsibility mantra but absolution from actions that impact others feels wild west. The pendulum swings from laissez-faire to over-regulated without pausing long enough to test a stasis of acceptable accommodation.

The other side talks about freedom to act with free will. In the west, most of us have more personal freedom that royalty had 200 years ago. Economic and cultural shifts have afforded us with almost unbridled liberty – or so it seems. But if I don’t have economic means and opportunity, education, aptitude, or connections then I fall into servitude and those freedoms are out of reach, Authorities promoting positive freedom also promote institutional and legal frameworks to attempt to mitigate the disparity.
Again the application swings wildly and we move from ‘pulling yourself up’ to ‘ you aren’t capable so we need to protect you’. Neither seems effective or fair.

For me, freedom is an ongoing experiment where we use reasonable accommodation, meritocracy, empathy, and limited rules to make the application of liberty equitable. Where I need a hand, one is available. Where I expect too much based on someone else driving a Lamborghini, I am advised that isn’t reasonable. There isn’t/shouldn’t be hard and fast one-size-fits-all rules.



Risk Aversion

When we play everything safely, are we lengthening mediocre existence? Is adding days to our lives what is important? Should we be taking some chances and adding life to our days?

I suppose just by asking that question; I am exposing my bias. I believe we should step over the imaginary line every chance that we get. I am not suggesting skydiving but not ruling it out.

Every day, I am presented with opportunities, most of them free, that challenge my public circle of comfort. I meet new people who are trying new things when I go to places that aren’t my regular haunts. My views are stretched by reading authors and magazines that don’t fit my usual library. If I have the opportunity to walk alongside someone who I disagree with and ask lots of clarifying questions, I get to see the world from a different viewpoint.

On days that I don’t feel like riding my bike, I try to ride it 5 km further to see what is on the other side of my destination. If I am feeling rushed, I try to slow down and breathe more deeply. When I am anxious, I make space to step away rather than instinctively charge ahead.

I swing on swings and slide down slides whenever the opportunity appears. I play with children and ask questions of older strangers. I present ridiculously impossible queries to friends and colleagues and attempt to leave my preconditioned bias outside the discussion.

On frigid days or muggy summer afternoons, I agnostically spend time in the elements appreciating whatever is presented rather than surrendering to the inertia of excuses to stay inside.

Taking risks is about embracing a small unknown nugget and accepting what follows. When we do anything for the first time, we receive a little prospect of unexpected. I always feel something when my boundaries are poked. I am better for new experiences even when they don’t seem favorable.

Convenience and comfort are poor metrics for a life lived well. Limiting what we hear, say, do and who we live life with reduces the quality of our existence.

Disclaimer “Don’t ever, even as a joke, put your head in a lion’s mouth” but when you are presented with the prospect of seeing a lion, I recommend spending some time watching her behavior. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned.

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A compilation of daily thoughts.
When wrestling with a decision, think for yourself, not about yourself. #thoughtfortoday

InTELLegence is recognized in the acquisition and understanding of knowledge, not in the telling to make others look small. #learn #listen #thought4today

Every morning you have two choices, continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them. #tought4today

Attempt to be radically and unreasonably patient, today, and see what happens. #though4today

If we are unable to fit others into our worldview, do they become invisible or vilified? #thought4today

A bee won’t directly benefit from the honey she makes; instead, it will allow future generations to thrive after she is gone. #thought4today

Being a citizen (someone who is a dweller of the land) should invoke a sense of community, connectivity, and responsibility. #thought4today

The message is magnified when it is shared by hundreds. #makemeaning #becourageous #thought4today

Does avoiding awkward situations or absolving yourself of responsibility fit with the view you have of yourself. #thought4today

Is our collective memory fading after only a few years? Does it matter? #thought4today #JohnLennon

Do you ever wake up wishing you were somewhere else? What is stopping you? #thought4today

Gravity is the most impactful force in our universe and yet we ignore it almost all the time. #thought4today

Gratitude is the second most powerful force in our lives and we ignore and reject it in favor of negativity. #thought4today #begrateful

Economic prosperity and social prosperity need to be synced in order to build diverse and robust communities. #thought4today

Each day I get to choose between words that inspire and words that intimidate. #thought4today

Our belief in ourselves and others impacts the outcome. If you think you can, you are more likely to succeed. #thought4today

Hope isn’t a strategy but no strategy can succeed without hope. #thought4today

My imagination isn’t limited by my circumstances. #thoughtfortoday

In our most awkward moments, we have the opportunity to be the most authentic. #thought4today #askanawkwardquestion

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder where does unattractiveness reside? #thought4today #seebeauty

The first small step is just a first small step, but the second and third and … are what propels movement. #thought4today

It feels good to do good, so make this Feel Good Friday. #fgf #thought4today

Playing an active role in your community makes the nearly impossible idea of democracy possible.

Maybe, sometimes I’m wrong, but I’m wrong sincerely. #thought4today #confession

I find myself increasingly perplexed by Artifical intelligence but even more perplexed by the politic of the world. #thought4today

If we continue to manage social issues, social issues manage to continue. #thought4today #findsolutions

Kind words can dampen the fire of anger. #thought4today

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A Gift for Me


Bighorn Country is the next Kananaskis in Alberta.  Like K-country, it is a network of protected areas and managed multi-use areas for all Albertans.  It is the missing piece between Banff and Jasper and is home to the headwaters of Edmonton.

The government of Alberta has proposed protection of this area but they need to hear from you!  Please take 5 minutes to fill out the survey below or send a letter to support the creation of Bighorn Country.  This is truly a gift to Alberta and you can be part of it.


Please share this widely with your networks and ask 3 friends to do the same as part of your giving efforts this season.  This Christmas, give the gift of the Bighorn.


Thank you and happy holidays,


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Social Media

I am a consumer and producer of social media. I read, write, shoot, and listen to the positions, opinions, ideas, and meanderings of hundreds of posters on a daily basis. I distribute original content daily and share the content of others many times a day. But, I confess that Not very much sticks. I don’t remember yesterday’s blitz and barely recall what I offered as my contributions to the noise.

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Most days, I don’t hear anything because I hear everything.

Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she laid an asteroid. ~ Mark Twain

Most of what occupies me (us I suspect) is noise. If I thought noise canceling headphones really did what they promise, I would invest in some for my ears and my eyes, but they seem just to dampen the din.

Is there a place ‘in the world’ where the filters screen out the clamor and still allow the clever, the charm, the caring, the charismatic, the cute and the curious through? Do I need to get past the fear of missing out (FOMO) and the addiction to notifications and begin censoring others and myself?

As we get closer to tearing the last page from the calendar, I am wondering about what I fear for the new year. Maybe that will be another post before I shut off the noise that I am creating.

If not, Happy 2019 and may your days be filled with curiosity,


Self Improvement


Does joy, happiness, pride, anxiety present itself in our lives or are we producing it through our mindset, disposition, and choices? I tend to believe that we are in the midst of circumstances and get to choose how we relate to them. I can be fearful of an adventure to the top of Mount Norquay or excited by the challenge or prideful that we are attempting the climb or many other emotions and feelings or combinations of many of them.

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It doesn’t seem likely or possible that joy is floating around looking for a place to land. I can’t accept that anxiety is in the ether waiting for a turn to crowd into my life.
They all come from within and can be prompted by external situations, but if I run the sum of the circumstances through a reflective sieve, I can choose to be optimistic, pessimistic, realistic, skeptical, or naive. What gets collected after being examined has more to do with the process of rendering that the initial ingredients.
When faced with a choice between positive and negative, what prospers a man to lean into the dark? I am committing to the awareness that I most often do get to make a decision. From that point, I am adamant that I will turn to the hopeful, the outrageous and even the ridiculous instead of spiraling into the pit of despair, distrust, distance. When I can move closer to a friend and her joy or sadness, I will draw near and spill happiness at her feet. If I am faced with a situation or struggle, I am willing to live through it and see how my anxiety and pain can be sapped.
In the end, it seems that I/we get to decide what we are feeling, how we react and what we embrace. The emotions live inside us not in the world so if I desire joy I need to begin being joyful.


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We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.
~ George Bernard Shaw

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Remarkable people use their strengths to strengthen themselves and others. They don’t use power to overpower. They don’t use words to denigrate. They don’t puff themselves up to make others feel small.

Wisdom is dynamic. As knowledge shifts and perspectives change, wisdom adds and synthesizes and then recompiles with all the available data and restates, if necessary. Wisdom isn’t “courage of conviction.” It doesn’t just resort to tradition. It is open to observing the circumstances of the world and saying ” today the wisest thing I can be sure of is that yesterday, I was wrong.” The courage of curiosity can be a path to wisdom if we are willing to do the work to investigate, analyze, and adapt.

*Tongue in cheek comment – I must be very wise because I often realize how wrong I have been.

Make this mid-week moment full of wisdom and then make a wise choice.