What are You Interested In?

My interests are reading, running, writing, sports, politics … I am interested in making memories, sharing a life, making a difference, speaking honestly and living authentically. Having interests fills up our life while being interested gives meaning to our life.

The higher order stuff makes the lower order stuff real and possible. The being interested stuff is where we place a/our commitment. Some days I am really great at those things and other days I suck. Thinking about them, making them real, and acting on them helps sort out the moment to moment. When I remember that I am interested in making memories, it changes the words and how I say them when I am with my grandkids. If I am interested in living authentically it makes taking difficult or unpopular action easier. I work hard every day to live happily ever after in my big relationship because I am interested in sharing a life.

Figuring out what the higher order stuff is takes some time but maybe That’s what the extra hours of light are for during the summer.

Make Today Remarkable,


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