Are you a journey person? A destination dude? Do you just go where the wind blows?

We are travelling for the next few days and I am definitely a get to where we are going driver. Stopping isn’t joyful, relaxing or informative. It is a nuisance to get gas and use the facilities. I travel with someone who would love to rake in the sights and check out some craft shops along the way. I

I tend to big picture thinking and my map (in my head) only  has the 30,000 ft details (when driving, working, writing …) I love my beloved and that she can accommodate my weirdness and appreciate when she brings me closer to earth to see the flowers and smell the vegetables.

Working against our tendencies can cause anxiety that manifests in my case as outbursts. Being aware that I lean to destination thinking and realizing that others don’t is helpful because it allows me to watch out for tell tale indicators and  reduce the stress before I ‘scream’

What gets under your skin? What makes you tingle?



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