Yesterday was difficult and today has been challenging. I have asked myself ” is this what I want to say? Is this what I should be doing? Is my  inflated ego at play? No, No, Yes”

The path to fulfillment requires a higher order habit. Knowing when to press forward and when to retreat. When to speak up and when to be quiet. When to say yes and when to firmly say no. I always have a choice and if the consequences can be predicted they should be considered.

My confession is that I say yes too often, I speak out too often, I press forward or retreat without proper consideration and I rely really think about the consequences.

A simple assignment today – for the next hour in every situation where you have a choice just ask ” Is this what I want to be doing and how would this impact the person closest to me?”

I don’t know what your answers will be or how you will react to them but I am convinced that you will be better and your world will be better just by considering the two part question.


Make the Next Hour Better,



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