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Ignoring isn’t Rude

Well of course it can be. When someone you care about or who cares about you reaches out, in words, actions, writing it is rude not to respond. Ignoring people who care about you, who have your interests at heart and who treat you with respect is a certain path to having fewer people who care about you, who have your interests at heart and who treat you with respect. When in the midst of a group or in a pairing, be present regardless of what else is going on in your life. I saw t-shirt yesterday that said ” Because I care about you, I turned my phone off.” If you struggle with attention issues and are drawn to check email, Twitter or Snapchat in the middle of a conversation, maybe you should take that slogan to heart.

An unnamed participant on a Quora forum said “It feels as if you’re unimportant and nobody should have to feel that way, therefore it’s best if you stay away from people whose personalities make you feel less than worthy.”

Remarkable people use their strengths to strengthen others and so they never stop being polite to/with respectful, caring people. You have the opportunity every day to be remarkable and demonstrate that others are worthy of your attention.

But in an age of hyper engagement on social media and in local newspapers, trolls and haters feed on the politeness of others hoping that they can become relevant by being noticed. Ignore them and there bait as completely and quickly as possible. If you lower yourself to the muck, you become a pig rooting in their sty. Stay above it and they lose their power.

Make Today Remarkable by ignoring haters and acknowledging lovers,


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