I am About to Do Something Remarkable

After an early start and a great run, I headed to the office and pounded out a spreadsheet and projections (not my favorite stuff) and then made a dash to the bank. On the way back I noticed a young guy, smiling and bouncing towards me on the sidewalk. Emblazoned across his t-shirt was ” I am About to Do Something Awesome!” I smiled, he smiled bigger and here I am thinking about choosing remarkable over mediocre. What do I need to make happen today that will lead to awesome rather than ordinary?

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The t doesn’t work if it says ” Watch me do something Ordinary!” I was considering some options this weekend and weighing pros and cons regarding the next steps. I was wavering on a continuum from extremely plain to excitedly risky with a dozen stops in between. For most of yesterday, I was leaning towards the mediocre end of the scale.  Disclaimer – my mediocre isn’t as tame as others. I/we were considering becoming a nomads for a couple of years. Renting out our places and hitting the road being drawn to our next location by a house sitting opportunity. That turns out to be something for another day. The t-shirt reminded me that I only get to live this life once and if I deny the gifts and opportunities in my path, It is a tragedy. Those gifts and opportunities should have been given to someone else.

So I am about to do something remarkable. About means starting today and over the next year, do means build a business and market, something means a platform and funding, and remarkable means strengthen others (as it always does).

Since I started writing this post, I have been interrupted 3 times with calls that while not directly related to the new project (Buddy2Buddy Club) confirmed that I am intended to tackle something big and wrestle with it rather than snuggle into a comfortable lazy life.

Make Today Remarkable, by doing something awesome, now.


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