Sometimes the m is silent when you follow the masses.

In her post Bernadette Jiwa on the  dress (you know which one – don’t pretend you don’t) says ” If you’re following the crowd then you’re not creating your own unique voice” . The temptation to try get some of the shine from the 35 Million views that BuzzFeed got can be irresistible (I know because I RTed the post too). But the best interaction I get is from content that I had a hand in, something triggered by an observation while walking, reading, showering, writing, speaking, listening, running, meditating that I add my personal voice to.

Mediocrity is the child of conformity and is nursed on bland pablum until it has no teeth. Take a bite out of an idea today and raise a bit of a ruckus with your opinion, position, contribution.

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