I am Responsible

As I examine my bumpy journey to this destination, I acknowledge that the bumps were a result of my decisions, my choices, my actions. I am tempted to blame others – my mom, my boss, my competition. I could try hold timing, finances, weather, responsible. I could deny that I am complicit in my journey but I have learned so much from the ups and downs, it would be disrespectful to me to not accept my primary role in the state of my personal affairs.

When we accept that we are responsible for getting here, wherever that is then we can take the sum total of all those experiences and make a better, more meaningful future. I have learned tough lessons in the first 60 years. I have been privileged to be in remarkable relationships. I  got to make nonlethal but semi-disastrous missteps. I learned from the experience. Today I face new decisions, new opportunities, new challenges and because I accept personal responsibility for yesterday, I get to take credit for tomorrow.   I will learn from today and add it to yesterday to improve all the tomorrows I get.

Make Today Remarkable, by accepting responsibility,


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