Do your Best, Expect the Same

Standards slip, services are shaky, products get weak when we don’t stand up to the tests of quality and integrity. I have been one of those who threw my hands in the air and said ” what can you do?” Well, in my span of control are two choices, two actions – do my best and expect others to do theirs. I can hold myself to promise that everything I do (maybe I need to do less) will be at a personal best and presented/delivered with the highest and best quality I can perform. Confession – that unfortunately hasn’t always been the case (may not always be the case) as I got caught up in the bounded rationality of ‘good enough to fly’. Today I am going to do the very best that I can without becoming the patient perfectionist that drives me crazy. Maybe I can do the best by being impatient and deliver more quickly.

We can also expect the best from all those who work alongside us, bring us resources, sell us products, deliver services. When we don’t get the best experience we have a responsibility to speak up. To an under performing colleague – a challenge, to a surly server – no gratuity, to a shoddy manufacturer – no more sales, to a suspect service provider – hold to terms of the agreement.

We have two choices. Do your best and expect the best.

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