Anything on Your Mind?

Is there some economic theory that you have hedged your bet on in the hopes of finding financial security? Have you accepted a health adage as the way to live a long life? Are you; saving for tomorrow, eating your vegetables, keeping your nose clean? Has the Peter Principle or Murphy’s Law seemingly raised its head in your life? Is any of this sage advice still valid in our whirlwind world?

I have more questions than answers on this one. Everything I learned in the past 40 years (since getting married) seems to have been usurped or challenged by the realities of technology and the attitudes of self interest. Seniors who followed ‘the rules’ are seeing their savings disappear. Young people who ate well, never smoked, and watched their diet are being eaten by some new/old disease. Children from ‘good homes’ are in trouble as often as ‘at risk’ kids.

Does your world feel a bit overturned?

Maybe finding a forum where you can talk, enter into a discussion or just simply rant would help? Who knows you might actually find some valuable nuggets in a conversation.

If you would like to try your hand at blogging, I am looking for a few brave souls to guest blog here on Make It Your Problem. Do you have something that needs saying, needs asking, needs a soap box? Reach out to bob@remarkablepeople.ca and we will get you in the schedule.

Make Today Remarkable, by speaking up,


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