Do You Have a Dog in This Fight

Are you picking your battles or fighting every skirmish? Life is better when we. Learn which hills are worth dying on. The fact that I have used three clichés already speaks to how often we need to be reminded that ” not everything is important enough to require a fight”.

I don’t know what criteria you use to decide but I do have a couple people in my life that seem to think everything is meant to be a battle. There is only one way to do something and it is their way and they are ready to make a stink if you don’t fall into their line. It is exhausting being around them and must be exhausting being them.

I much prefer to be around people who stand their ground on the important stuff and don’t even need to relent on the small stuff because they don’t take a rigid position.

Parents either learn this lesson and likely have happier children and a happier life or they don’t and … well you can guess what I think happens. If your toddler wants to sleep in his Superman costume maybe you should ask yourself ” what difference does it make?’. Just because you wouldn’t wear the green tights with the purple skirt doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect for your 6 year old daughter. (side note: as a grandparent, the stuff that I dug my heels in as a parent seem funny now).

When you realize that you don’t have a dog in this fight (maybe no one does) it is liberating and energizing. It allows you to replenish your tank for the stuff that really, really does make a difference.

Make Today Remarkable, by picking the right fight,


10 thoughts on “Do You Have a Dog in This Fight

  1. Reblogged this on Jaie Hart and commented:
    As a mother of 4 children, I had to learn this life lesson early on and I got used to pink and orange – appreciating legos found on my floor at midnight with my bare feet. 🙂 Have a read and let this sink in. 🙂

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  2. Love! It is so true what you say about having a dog in this fight! If we pick every battle we become so battle weary and tired of fighting we’ve no energy left to do what we came for…live! Thanks so much!

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