What Would They Say?

If today, you were sitting with the two most important people in your life (living or dead) in a quiet, peaceful location, away from the busyness of life having a deep conversation, what would you ask them? Is there something important, something personal you would like to know?

If you asked them ” How do you think I am doing?” What would they say?

” You are doing great, just not trusting yourself enough”.

“go for it, you are on the right track and something great is awaiting you”

“You need to be more determined. more committed. less frivolous. …”

” You know I love you, now love yourself”.

I am not sure who you would share this time with or what they might say in response to your questions but I know that the exercise is worth doing. Take 15 minutes, right now and find a quiet spot. Get comfortable (sitting or standing), take a deep breath and allow yourself to go to a safe, special place. Feel the breeze on your face, the sensations around you. Let the image sink in. When you are settled with your two important people, ask your questions and listen for their answers.

Be patient and respectful. The responses are important for you to hear. After fifteen minutes, make some notes and at least one commitment.

Make Today Remarkable, because you are remarkable,


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