People  who are different from me aren’t superior or inferior. Ideas that are outside my normal frame are not simple minded or elitist. Actions taken (or not) that do not look like the actions I would take are not better or worse. At least they aren’t just because they are different. Different is just different.Performance, integrity, results, compassion might be better gradients of scale.

I strive to be different (slightly) and lots of days I succeed but that is mostly my personality and an affectation that I cultivate. I like the idea that being slightly askew gives me a different perspective but my observations and interpretations are as often misguided as they are prophetic.

I am striving to hear  difference and not put it under my narrow lens. If I judge someone or something based on how closely it resembles me and my position, I think I am missing out. Can I suspend judgement for a few minutes and listen and hear? Maybe. That is my goal today.

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