What is the Least You Can Do?

Again, I was thanking a friend for stepping up and taking charge and making something happen and she responded ” it’s the least I can do”. I say again because I hear this often and have written about it before. Some people’s ‘least’ is a lot and some people’s ‘least’ is a little but your ‘least’ can’t be less than you are already doing. Sounds Suessian but stick with me.

We each have a ‘least’ in every different place

Some days my least is done in haste

Some days I need to shout and rant

Today my ‘least’ is too big, I can’t

But my voice, my voice can make a change

I need to yell across my range


Stop, you are hurting us all

Stop this crazy hopeless fall

We each have a ‘least’ in every different place

What I must do is stay in the race

I can’t just throw my hands in the air

I can’t just cry out “it isn’t fair”

Today my ‘least’ is so much more

I can save the world that I adore

Today that’s the least that I can do

The big question is ” How about you?”

Make Today Remarkable, by doing your least,


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