The Haze is Lifting

Where I am we have been under a health advisory for 10 days because of the smoke from forest fires in the Pacific Northwest. Activity slowed down, joggers, bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts reduced their activity. Kids played outside less and seniors were cautioned to keep windows closed. This morning it seems clearer. There are patches of blue sky appearing and I am feeling a sense of optimism.

Funny how little it really takes to instill hope. A patch of blue sky and the sun peeking through can lift our spirits and open us to possibilities. I am buoyed by sunlight and others who are sharing their sunshine with me. I have had many folks lift me up, in my life, by being the blue sky that I wasn’t seeing. They didn’t know or maybe didn’t need to know what I was thinking/feeling to let their disposition infect mine.


I don’t know if you have been living in a haze but if so, seek out some remarkable blue sky, sunny people. Go somewhere where these folks congregate ( a farmer’s market?) and suck up some of their joy. If you are feeling elated, let it out. Let your joy, hope, and passion shine on as many people as possible. You never know, but you could be changing a life.

Make Today Remarkable, for yourself and others,


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