Hope has power beyond a  reframing tool. Hope can be a significant and positive motivator. It can and does deliver a reason to keep running the race, staying in the contest, believing in yourself and your goals and values.

Hope can be, on many days, the only rationale to say ” I am valuable, I am powerful, I am right” . Entrepreneurs are full of hope. Their idea gets tested, gets started, gets funded, gets adapted, gets funded again and gets adopted gradually. Only hope is string enough to ride the ferris wheel of one step forward and two back, one side step, one small step and one leap.

If you are feeling dejected, rejected, neglected then hope can gently  lift up your chin or swiftly kick you in the butt. It can nudge you into one more week, push you into another month, encourage you into another day. Give hope a chance and then continue to do the work.

Make Today Remarkable, by using hope as your reason to continue – you have nothing to lose,


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