Spam, Cheese, Veggie Burger or Nuts

As I near the end of month one in my commitment to write and post every day, I  wonder what the content is really about; really intended to do. Am I so vain as to believe that every phrase uttered by my mouth or pecked by my fingers is worthy of the ears of dedicated or disinterested readers? Is it all just to feed my ego that needs stroking, imagined or real? Am I just an eccentric old man? Yes,yes and yes.

But mostly I hope it is received as a provocation, a call to something different. I worry that we live in a world mired to our knees in mediocrity, settling for second/fifteenth best. If I don’t expect and demand more of myself, I feed the bland beige blur. Today I am considering how the platform of this blog and fadedrecollections.com could help reach the goals that all the posts this month pointed to. I haven’t discovered and answer but the struggle is better than complacency, isn’t it?

Seth Godin’s ” What to do When it’s Your Turn” and his longstanding practice of shipping daily set me on this journey. Maybe a reread is in order.

My request today is that if you have something to say, add it here and let me and other readers what is rumbling around your life.

Resist the Convenience.

10 thoughts on “Spam, Cheese, Veggie Burger or Nuts

  1. Hi, Bob, I think it is a noble endeavour and commitment to daily post, and I would answer your three initial questions with NO, NO and maybe, so what.
    And I agree with Steven: change where you blog.


  2. HI, Bob, my answers to your three initial questions: NO, NO and maybe, so what! Your commitment of daily posting during a whole month is a noble mission and quite some challenge, I did it in September 2013. I can only speak for myself: I might have had the illusion in my beginning blogger stages that the world had been waiting for me to eat up my wisdom and put me on a pedestal (or at least give me a book contract), I still like writing and I am happy with my 2 1/2 faithful readers.
    And I agree with Steven: change where you blog.


  3. I will take the nuts,
    This is a mighty endeavor to post each and every day. I think that each and every one of you who writes a blog, posts things or is active in the net with sharing deserves credit. You cannot hit the mark of each and every one, but if you somehow sometimes inspire someone or wake an association, emotion or thought – well done. I salute the effort and getting me to read this. Your quest is a path to new impulses and surely some caressing of your ego, vanity and the such. That however is fine – after all when it comes down to it you are the most important person in your life.


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