A number of blogs and forums have been discussing this idea summed up by Michelle Martin from the Bamboo Project as;

”I’ve come to believe that there are two types of people in the world—those who act from a scarcity mindset and those who act from a fundamental belief in abundance.

Those who believe in scarcity see the world as a pie with a fixed number of pieces in it. Their goal is to grab and hold onto as many pieces of that pie as they can. They live in a world where resources are limited. There’s never enough time or money or people. Everything is a fight for survival of some kind.

Those who believe in abundance also see the world as a pie. But to them, that pie’s size is not fixed. The pie can grow indefinitely, so the goal is not to figure out how to get your piece and to hold onto it. The goal is to figure out how we can grow the pie so that everyone can have a larger slice. These people live in a world where resources are abundant, where you can always find the time, the money and the people if you’re willing to think differently. They aren’t fighting for survival. They are fighting to grow the pie so that everyone benefits.”

How does this shift in thinking impact our action? How would abundance thinking impact your happiness? How would this attitude improve our community?

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