Live a Life That Matters

I can’t help you overcome your fear of doing something important. I can’t help you get past the niggling knowledge that you have a great contribution to make but are unwilling to accept your responsibility. I can’t help you if you are willing to live and then die denying your importance in the world. You are not alone. Millions, maybe billions, of people have been beaten down, physically, emotionally and intellectually to accept ‘their place in the world’. Someone else has told them who they are, who they can be and what they need to do this minute and with all their minutes.

You just need to hear me say this ” You have been called to make a great contribution to the world in which you live. I don’t know what the call is or how long it would take you to complete ( 1 day or a lifetime). Just know that there is something that needs to be done and it has your name on it.”

I can help you discover and begin implementing your ‘Live Your Life’ project. I can help you discover a path and I can hold you to account. If you are ready to live a life that matters, email bob@remarkablepeople.ca or leave a comment here.

Make Your Day Remarkable,


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